NXT Proximity Readers

NXT Readers are able to read certain HID ® 125-kHz credentials such as the HID ® Prox II credential.

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NXT Readers provide a number of advantages over traditional Wiegand-output readers:

  • They communicate via RS-485, and so are supervised by the controller so that you always know their status
  • Cabling distance from the controller is doubled - up to 1000 ft (300m) - providing more flexibility in installation
  • Installers are able to use shielded Cat5/6 cable, thus reducing the cost of installation
  • Readers can be configured to read either NXT or HID 125-kHz credentials

NXT Readers can be ordered as "Entrance" or "Exit" readers when used with NXT Controllers (Mercury-Powered versions), which doubles the controller's reader capacity. For "Exit" readers, specify model numbers with an E at end of model number (i.e., NXT-3RE).

They can now be configured to read certain HID 125 KHz cards and tags such as the HID ® Prox II Credentials, thus providing all of the benefits listed above and eliminating the need for an NXT-WI or NXT-RM3 Reader Interface Board.

When readers are configured for HID-reading, 26 bit Wiegand compatibility is built into Doors.NET Standard Edition Software and is supported by both standard NXT and Mercury Powered NXT firmware. For other Wiegand formats, customers must use Doors.NET Professional Edition and Mercury Powered firmware, which enables the Credential Types function and its Format Builder and Library. NXT Readers shipped after November 2015 have the ability to be flashed to read HID cards and are designated by an "F" at the end of the serial number.

NXT-3R - Mullion Reader

NXT-3R The NXT-3R TM Reader usually designed for mounting on metal window mullions is one of the smallest on the market yet offers exceptional read range. Measuring just 3.75 inches high by 1.60 inches wide by .625 inches deep (9.5 cm high x 4.1 cm wide x 1.6 cm deep), the NXT-3R is one of the smallest proximity readers on the market. It is designed to mount directly on metal or a wall with out mounting brackets or spacers.





NXT-5R - Wall Switch Reader

NXT-5RThe NXT-5R measures 4.18 inches high by 2.95 inches wide by .625 inches deep (10.6 cm high x 7.5 cm wide x 1.6 cm deep) and can be mounted on a US single gang electrical box or flat on a wall. Read range is up to 6" (15cm) when mounted at least one inch off metal. If the reader is mounted using a metal electrical junction box with the thickness of the wall material separating the reader from the box, read range will be reduced.





NXT-6RK Proximity Reader and Keypad

NXT-6RK Proximity Reader and KeypadKeri's NXT-6RK is the newest member of the NXT Series Proximity Reader family. The NXT-6RK may be mounted directly to standard U. S. A. sized single-gang wall boxes, and is ideal for applications requiring an access credential and/or personal identification number (PIN), such as high security dual verification. It connects to an NXT Controller via the NXT-RM-3 Reader Interface Module to allow the Wiegand format keypad data to be read by the controller while at the same time reading standard NXT formatted cards.

The NXT-6RK and NXT-RM3 are sold as a kit together (NXT-KPK) as well as individually.





NXT Readers Documentation

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