Fire & Police

Access Control for Emergency Responders


Access control to help you balance the needs of visitors and your staff

Provide public access to multiple buildings with easy-to-use visitor management tools while maintaining secure employee-only and restricted-access zones.

Organizations Choose Keri When Security Matters Most
Customizable and inuitive security designed to facilitate your needs

Automate Day-To-Day Operations

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Multi-site Management

Manage multiple sites from the same system.


Emergency Procedures

Proactive one-button preconfigured emergency responses.

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Audible/Visual Aids

Integrate bells or audio and visual aids across facilities.

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Ultimate Control to Protect and Prevent

Keri Systems has developed robust access control systems for emergency responders. Due to the unique challenges and opportunities presented; installations use intuitive features to strengthen security and prevent disaster.

Restrict access to sensitive equipment

Guard high-value equipment, such as fire-fighting gear. Tightly control access to weaponry and civil disobedience gear and protect sensitive data.

Combine with video/CCTV

Provide added protection to personel and civillians by integrating video surveillance into your system.

Protect sensitive public data

Restrict access to areas that contain equipment harbouring sensitive data. Integrate with CCTV, anti-passback, or dual verification to provide extra protection from data leakage.

Run everything from one software package

Combine perimeter access control, threat-level activation, CCTV, timed locking and unlocking, and auditing into a single, easy-to-use software package.

Multi-site management

Manage multiple sites with a uniquely scalable Keri system, ranging from simple one-door solutions to thousands of doors over multiple sites across the globe.

Auditing and reporting

Provide an audit trail of access for investigative purposes. Allowing personnel and civillian access times to be compiled into reports, as well as identifying odd entrance patterns or anomalies.

Focus on the matter at hand, not your security.


Advanced Notifications

Give fire and police advance notifications to situation conditions.

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Dual Verification/Airlocks

Multi-Step verification, and airlocks to ensure the door behind is closed, before granting access through the next door.


Access Levels

Grant specific access levels to individual zones, areas, or buildings.

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Multi-site Capabilities

Multi-site capability to different buildings, or facilities.

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Occupancy Counting

Manage the occupancy limits to designated areas or rooms


Protect Information and Equipment

Tightly control access to high-value equipment or weaponry

Dozens of Integrations

Our industry leading software and dozens of integration partners can strengthen your ability to manage all aspects of your building. Letting you intuitively manage installations around the block or around the globe — all from a single location.

Remote Emergency Response

When every second counts, Keri helps fire fighters and police officers respond rapidly and decisively. Stay ahead of disaster with emergency situation detection and automatic emergency response that protects the safety of emergency personnel and civilians.

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Case Studies

Mt. Laurel Fire Department

Mt. Laurel Fire Department

Mount Laurel Fire Department secures approximately 20 doors in two buildings. These installations include perimeter doors, unit rooms, equipment rooms, and the duty office. Ease of use with daily routine activity is a principal reason Mount Laurel Fire is pleased with its Keri Systems installation.

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