Can access control help my business save money?Access control provides many opportunities to find significant returns on your investment. 

Whether you are a business, government facility, educational institution, or nonprofit entity, Keri Systems can not only make you more secure, but help you secure more profits. Talk to us today to find out how we and our world-wide network of service providers can help you solve your physical security problems.

Lost keys create an extreme security risk if not quickly and thoroughly addressed. Re-keying can also cost hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars, and if a master key is lost, costs can run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

An administrator using a Keri Access Control System can immediately delete a lost credential, eliminating the security risk in seconds without the cost of re-keying.

Problem Employees
Statistics from HR organizations indicate that 20% of your workforce show up at least 10 minutes late per day, twice per week costing an average of $500 - $600 per employee per year in lost productivity. Over time, the cost to your business for multiple late employees can be staggering and the behavior can spread like a virus, demoralizing even star employees, turning them into apathetic workers. The sophisticated reporting options contained in Keri Systems Access Software provide the means to quickly identify repeat offenders and offer concrete evidence of problems. This data can be used in the implementation of a corrective action plan.

A Keri Systems Access Control system often pays for itself in less than a year, due to high ROI and ease in providing employee information. If employee termination is the only option, the detailed report data provided, can greatly reduce the threat of a frivolous employee lawsuit for wrongful termination, by providing detailed historical reporting of repeated tardiness.

Unsanctioned Residents or Late Rent Payment
In the case of multi-tenant buildings, undocumented residents are often the biggest perpetrators of misuse, vandalism or crime. Keri Systems reporting features can help identify odd entrance patterns to find extra, unsanctioned tenants and provide the landlord with the necessary data to remove them from the building.

In rent controlled areas, the ROI comes even faster by identifying residents who are illegally subletting the space and providing the means to remove them, causing a reset in the base rent calculation.

If a resident is late with their rent payment, an access control system by Keri Systems can be of great assistance. Through a simple mouse click the property manager can turn off access to common areas and convenience doors, like the gym, spa, laundry, pool, etc…until payment is made. Having a Keri Systems installation is like having your own collection agent.

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