What Is Access Control?

Information on what access control is, and how you could use access control to enhance your security installation and auditing process
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What is Access Control?

Access Control is the practice of monitoring and controlling access to a building or property using modern electronic means, as opposed to old-fashioned locks and keys. Lost, stolen, or duplicated keys create a monumental challenge to the security of a facility and weigh heavily on maintenance costs, due to frequent re-keying. Not to be overlooked, are the legal challenges posed by users in possession of keys that have been duplicated without authorization.

 Modern access control utilizes electronic credentials or biometric recognition to grant or deny access to a facility. This gives an administrator the immediate ability to add or remove entry privileges to any individual through the click of a computer mouse. Credential types may be simple keyfobs, credit card style access devices, mobile phone recognition, facial recognition, fingerprints, PIN numbers, and a host of emerging technologies.

Due to the opportunities enabled through a modern, computerized access control system, administrators are now able to control doors by time, privilege, access level, and sensitivity of the space. No longer is access just relegated to anyone with a key, at any time. Furthermore, unusual situations and emergencies can be handled with a completely separate set of parameters that can be instituted at the click of a mouse or activation of an emergency station.


Why should I use access control?

Audit Trails
Access Control systems monitor and store events, allowing you to run reports on who has had access, to which door, where, and also when.

Keys can be Tricky
Distributing keys to access different rooms or buildings can be difficult, with access control you can grant access to multiple doors from a single access card.

Real-Time Adjustments
Using access control allows immediate management, for example, if an employee leaves your organization you can disable their key card in real-time, or if a card is lost you can disable the lost card and re-issue a new key card in seconds.


Increased security for your business

Control Building Access
For example, ensure that visitors only have access to your building via a reception to sign in first, whilst employees with access credentials can enter the areas designated by their access card or fob by scanning them on a card reader, which will allow them access if they have privileges to use the door.

Time Control
Adjust the times to which your doors unlock and lock, or alter the time schedule to only allow access to authorized people during a time period. For example, a reception door would unlock for visitors at 9 AM, however, any doors beyond there will require an access card and only allow access through the door during pre-defined work hours.

Situation Management
Using an access control system offers the functionality to adapt your building immediately based on emergency situations. These can be tiered, predefined procedures. For example, if a fire button is triggered all doors unlock allowing easy entry and exit during an evacuation. Or a pre defined lockdown if there was an intruder and you wanted to secure your tenants until emergency services arrive.

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There when you need it

Once an access control security system is installed will run quietly in the background of your day to day operation.

Doors are locked by the system until a credential which is added to your system is presented to a card reader, the system will check if the credential is allowed access and the door will then momentarily unlock.

Our systems give you customization of what times the doors are accessible and by which individual. You can assign cards into access groups to ensure only those who need access can unlock doors and move through. Keri offers complete control over your access control system down to individual doors and times.

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