What kinds of things can an access control system do?

Not only are Keri’s access systems able to manage ordinary door openings - they are able to handle a host of exceptions and unusual conditions. 

Keri Access Control Solutions solve most issues with our standard products; that means you’ll get custom software features without the custom software engineering costs.

Grant Access and Monitor Activity from anywhere on the globe – If there is an internet connection, you can be connected to your facility.

Energy Savings – Automatically manage lights and other electric features of a room based on occupancy.

Snow Days/Business Interruption – A Keri Access System can be programmed to automatically unlock the building during working hours, but only if an authorized user has already entered that portion of the building. Your building stays secure and locked if no one has been granted access.

Lock-down/Lock-out – Immediately lock-down your premises in the event of an emergency - access and egress is prohibited.

Dual Verification – Creates a condition where two or more forms of valid security credentials must be used to gain access. The feature can be on 24 hours per day or can activate during hours defined by the administrator.

Roll Call – Print out an occupancy list, and in an emergency, check to identify who is still within the building.

Parking Control – Set occupancy count to match available parking spaces and prohibit additional entry.

Photo Recall – The card-holder’s photo appears on the screen for visual authentication when their card is being used.

Event Video Recording – Add a camera and then create short recorded video clips when critical events happen such as unauthorized access, or if someone tries to tamper with the system.


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