Security Solutions for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Access Control for Healthcare Facilities


Safeguard the health and security of your patients and staff.

Discover highly-scalable integrated security solutions that can be managed from anywhere.

Organizations Choose Keri When Security Matters Most

Safeguard Patients and Staff

Create firm visiting hours, secure passageways, and protect property. Integrate with visitor management tools to automate visitor check-in. Use advanced reporting tools to track and trace, measure time in building, and implement zone control to manage and monitor the movement of visitors, staff, and patients.


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Assist the frontline

shield virus

Control Outbreaks

Adjust your access criteria during an outbreak, to assist with infection control.

door open

Firm Visiting Hours

Enforce firm visiting hours automatically based on time scheduled access.

list check

Occupancy Counting

Control the occupancy count of individual areas, restrict access once a limit is reached.


Time in Attendance for Employees

Time in attendance tracking to register work hours for staff & HR Depts.

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