Access Control for Assisted Living and HealthcareCustomers looking for access control for Assisted Living and Healthcare projects will find Keri’s access control systems to be uniquely suited for the varied needs of your business. Our solutions are highly scalable, and can help you keep track of tenants, employees, visitors, vendors and more; all on one interface. Keri Access Control Solutions solve most issues with our standard products; That means you’ll get get custom solutions without the customized prices so you’ll see a fast return on your investment.  Assisting living facilities are one of the newest and most prolific users of access control as owners and managers need to be ever vigilant against nuisance litigation and inappropriate facility access.

One of the biggest threats to Assisted Living facilities is the threat of a frivolous lawsuit by residents relatives who claim poor care was given.  A simple report showing a historical record of visitor’s activity is usually enough to stop a base claim in its tracks.

Sophisticated features can allow the administrators to set “latest activity time” per apartment to ensure that residents are active and moving according to their normal schedule.  If no activity is seen, the system can immediate indicate the potential problem to system administrators who can dispatch assistance.

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Keri Systems Access Control Solutions & Benefits:

  • Monitor the travels and activities of tenants
  • Cost-effectively issue, maintain, and replace keys
  • Monitor real-time graphic map of facility in 2D/3D
  • Control access to property by visitors and vendors
  • Create firm visiting hours and secure passageways
  • Provide an audit trail of both residents and visitors in the case of litigation events
  • Allow addition of Time and Attendance options for employees
  • Provide extra security and control to elderly and infirmed residents

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