Access Control for Financial and Professional ServicesCustomers looking for access control for Financial and Professional Services will find Keri’s access control systems to be uniquely suited for the varied needs of your business.  Powerful system features allows extremely customizable access privileges and detailed reporting needed to meet the demands of small or large institutions.  Our solutions are highly scalable, ranging in size from two doors to our largest, 13,000 portals including doors, gates, safes and vaults. Secure client server as well as web options provide any kind of connectivity that may be required.  Keri Access Control Solutions solve most issues with our standard products; that means you’ll get custom solutions without the customized prices so you’ll see a fast return on your investment.

Keri Systems Access Control Solutions & Benefits:

  • Easily edit credentials and access rights
  • Automatically lock doors
  • Restrict access to floors through Elevator Control
  • Remotely access your system and monitor events in real time when you are away
  • Terminate users when they leave your company
  • Eliminate re-keying and key replacement - all access is managed through the system
  • Add security through biometric readers


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