Access Control for Financial InstitutionsCustomers looking for access control for Financial Institutions will find Keri’s access control systems to be uniquely suited for the varied needs of your business. Keri Systems provides not only point-by-point control giving unmatched flexibility for pinpointing access rights and restrictions, but also provides detailed reporting on system activity for sensitive areas or records.  Our solutions are highly scalable, and can help you keep track of personnel, controlled spaces, secure areas, records and more; all on one interface. Keri Access Control Solutions solve most issues with our standard products; That means you’ll get custom solutions without the customized prices so you’ll see a fast return on your investment.

Among Keri’s many and varied accomplishments are a series of installations regarding safes, vaults and secure storage facilities.  These implementations have spanned large geographical territories and have provided secure storage across hundreds of linked locations with a central reporting network.  In particular, Keri has worked with the owners of large multi-outlet, retail gem and retail trade facilities to secure the very opening of drawers and safes containing precious and valuable materials; all while providing limited access and a reviewable audit trail.

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Keri Systems Access Control Solutions & Benefits:

  • Secure sensitive data areas
  • Create special areas for certain personnel
  • Provide customers with verifiable security audits
  • Facilitate secure meetings through controlled spaces
  • Provide an audit trail of inter-facility pedestrian traffic
  • Keep unauthorized individuals from contact with secure records
  • Utilize biometric readers for higher security areas, i.e. server room
  • Eliminate keys and all the problems associated with managing them
  • Combine with video surveillance to match card access to physical features


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