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Access Control for Multi-Tenant Residential Housing/Property Managers and Developers

Keri Access Control expedites the collection of past due rent and provides detailed  information about unauthorized residents.  After a brief payoff period, that incremental profit goes to your bottom line.  It also allows a landlord to charge more for residents’ space by demonstrating cutting edge technological security features.

In rent-controlled areas, you will likely achieve a return on your investment within six months. By merging access control and video surveillance to easily identify illegal sub-letters, this concrete evidence provides the basis for the termination of the old lease, replacing it with one reflecting current market conditions.  

It also provides tangible audit trails that mitigate potential negligence suits, by ensuring that employees have correctly removed past residents from the system. This eliminates the chance that previous residents can still gain access to apartments, flats or common areas.   

The system can utilize a fully integrated telephone entry system or digital intercom system as well as a single software user interface for administrators to learn and use, which minimizes training time.  If needed, you can also export tenant activity for use with billing or other systems.

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Solutions & Benefits:

  • Quickly identify and collect past due rent
  • See detailed information about unauthorized residents
  • Appeal to tech-savvy millennials
  • Create a simple, single interface that is easy for staff to use and self-teach
  • Export resident activity for use in other billing systems
  • Eliminate keys and problems associated with them
  • Charge residents for gym or special facility usage

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