Access Control for Municipalities/Regional and National Government – Fire/Police/EducationCustomers looking for access control for Municipalities, such as Regional and National Government’s Fire, Police and Education locations will find Keri’s access control systems to be uniquely suited for your varied needs. Our solutions are highly scalable, and can help you provide credentials to all offices, manage multiple sites, and tightly guard access; all on one interface. Keri Access Control Solutions solve most issues with our standard products; that means you’ll get custom solutions without the customized prices so you’ll see a fast return on your investment.

Our Telepathy graphical mapping, command and control software allows each institution to maintain administrative privileges of their facility, but allows district personnel or first responders to immediately monitor or control situations.  To date, Keri has provided access control to the governmental facilities for entire counties in several states.  Once implemented, protection has been afforded to courtrooms, accounting offices, maintenance facilities, judges quarters, physical plants and even landfills.  There is no limit to the applications that can be imagined for a Keri Systems installation. Get in touch to learn how Keri Systems can help monitor your Facilities, improve integration and decrease response time.

When it comes to Municipalities and governments, Keri’s products can match any applications with: Turnstiles, Card Readers, Biometric Identification devices, Video Integration and an all-in-on management interface, utilizing Telepathy.  In further reference to Telepathy, it will soon be possible to integrate additional third party technologies into the Telepathy model.  This will  provide for the monitoring of many points of interest, whether it be building control, security, lighting or specialty point monitoring; all superimposed on a graphical map of the facility, utilizing custom icons.

Keri Systems Access Control Solutions & Benefits:

  • Provide a common access credential to all government offices
  • Multi-site capability to manage: courthouses, meeting rooms, holding cells, judge’s quarters, landfills, etc.
  • Protect against vandalism through audited and controlled access
  • Guard high value equipment such as fire-fighting gear and machinery
  • Tightly control access to weaponry and civil disobedience gear
  • Protect the privacy of publicly-held information through access control
  • Give fire and police professionals advance notification to situations conditions


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