Access Control for Transportation & Commerce: Rail/Airport/Bus Terminals Marinas/Harbors/ShipyardsCustomers looking for access control for Transportation & Commerce, such as Rail, Airports, Bus Terminals, Marinas, Harbors and Shipyards, will find Keri’s access control systems to be uniquely suited for the varied needs of your business. Our solutions are highly scalable, and can help you protect against theft, track access privileges, eliminate key management and more; all on one interface. Keri Access Control Solutions solve most issues with our standard products; that means you’ll get custom solutions without the customized prices so you’ll see a fast return on your investment.

Recently, Keri has integrated electro-mechanical turnstiles into our product offering.  This is the latest development in our company’s positioning itself for a larger role in mass transit, university and auditorium styled access.  Keri is able to combine the security measures of turnstiles, card readers, integrated video, biometric identification and extensive computerized control and reporting, to assure the safest possible gathering places.  Coincidentally, the implementation of Keri’s crowd-centric access solutions will reduce the exposure to nuisance litigation in the case of problems within the population.  The best defense against lawsuit, is an obvious and intentional effort toward public safety.

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Keri Systems Access Control Solutions & Benefits:

  • View access granted and denied events in real time
  • Protect against vehicle theft through parking control
  • Run customer-specific reports and protect valuable assets
  • Add an integrated CCTV camera system for video surveillance
  • Set up temporary credentials for visiting personnel and guests
  • Eliminate key management and the constant cost of key replacement
  • Set access privileges for different parts of your building, including gate entry
  • Audit and control Time/Attendance reporting, and find employees by the last door accessed

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