Vince Deiuliis, Director of Sales and Marketing, to attend two OEM Conferences in February 2017

As part of Keri’s ongoing efforts to grow business and develop our product line, we place a great deal of time and effort into both organic development and inorganic partnerships and associations.

It is well documented that the security industry has become a melting pot of technologies, with most manufacturers producing products and technologies that are intertwined with the offerings of others.  Testament to this are the emerging compliance standards, which allow easy interface on a sub-program level, like Onvif  in the video marketplace and the various access control reader standards.

Many Access Control manufacturers are now seamlessly integrated with other products of the security industry, to offer a more comprehensive solution.  These products include wireless locks, VMS systems, turnstiles, biometric devices, Burg Systems and others.

Keri Systems is no stranger to the value proposition of partnering, having in the past partnered with numerous other manufacturers to bring about an amalgamous offering.  In February, I will be attending two OEM workshop/conferences, designed to highlight our companion or partner arrangements.  The focus of these two workshops will be the sharing of technology and information amongst ourselves, as well as certain consumers and installers of the technology.

In mid-February, I will be attending the Milestone MIPS Conference in San Antonio, TX.  This conference/lab is designed to gather a group of manufacturers who interface with Milestone’s excellent VMS offering and share an opportunity to see how others work with the product.  In addition, there will be invitees from the trade who will be given the opportunity to browse the offerings and ask questions.  I’ll be attending with one of our senior Lead Techs, Jeff McCormick.  Jeff will have a demo prepared of Milestone’s VMS interfaced to Keri’s hardware and software and is quite qualified to demonstrate the integration.

Directly from San Antonio, I will travel to San Diego, CA for the Mercury Security, MercTech III Conference.  This conference is similarly designed to expose a group of industry professionals to the intricacies and competencies of access control, utilizing Mercury hardware.  Mercury, long a leader in the design and production of high-end, heavily-specified and industrially-hardened access control hardware products, plays a valuable role in Keri’s open-architecture design philosophy.  Many of the features that allow Keri’s integration to other OEM’s are a direct result of either Mercury hardware or an implementation of Mercury firmware within our controllers.  Mercury Security has proven to be a valuable partner to Keri in the deployment of many of our high-end features and integrations.

We at Keri want our Dealers, Distributors and End Users to realize and appreciate the fact that we strive on a daily basis, to stay ahead of the technology curve.

Often the spotlight is on new products, as those organically produced products are essential to our growth.  It is however, just as essential that we recognize the value of our partnerships and the added market share they bring.  Many of these technologies would be outside Keri’s reach if we needed to produce them in house; in most cases, simply from a resource limitation.

With the partnership and cooperation of excellent companies like Milestone and Mercury, Keri is able to reach far outside our core developmental sphere and provide a wider range of security solutions.

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