Doors.NETTM — Access Control Software for NXT IP-based Hardware, PXL hardware, and popular wireless locks, designed for today's IT environments

Doors.NET Data Sheet 2020

*Note - In addition to NXT hardware, Doors.NET now also support the PXL-500 Hardware family. Click here for more details


Doors.NET is Keri's software application to manage various access control hardware platforms, including IP-based NXT, PXL-500, authentic Mercury Security, and wireless locks from Assa Abloy and Allegion/Schlage. Doors.NET is easily scalable to meet the demands of customers with just a few doors at a single location, to thousands of doors spread across the globe. It is designed to be easily learned and used by customers, and can be customized to each operator's preferences.

The software is available in two versions, Standard Edition and Professional Edition, with Professional Edition having greater reader and I/O capacities and additional sophisticated features. Each have the capability to manage all access control functions, basic I/O linking, alarm reporting, prioritization and response, and integration with ONVIF-compatible IP cameras. A number of optional software modules are available for more customization and sophisticated functionality as needed.

Doors.NET was designed natively in Microsoft's .NET platform for security and ease of integration, and utilizes their SQL database engine, with all instructions and communication with the database done through Stored Procedures to make responses lightning quick. In addition to the sophisticated access control functionality it provides, Doors.NET allows multiple operators to manage and monitor an unlimited number of sites concurrently, with assignable privileges for each operator, by site.



  • Software Application to manage Keri's NXT TCP/IP-based, RS-485-based PXL-500 hardware platforms, and additional 3rd party platforms
  • Native Microsoft.NET® application provides speed and security, and scales from small to large systems
  • Client/Server Architecture provides Multiple Concurrent Operators across Multiple Sites
  • Microsoft SQL Database uses Stored Procedures for fast and reliable operation
  • Built-in Digital Video Recording and live Viewing
  • Integrated Photo Badging, plus Alarm Monitoring and Prioritization, Emergency Lockdown, and a host of other features
  • Automatic 1-button confguration, or Manual Confguration of hardware
  • Many right-click menus for fast and easy command and control
  • Built-in, fexible reports, plus "Reports on the Fly"
  • Import Utility to bring in cardholder data from other systems

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*Keri Systems tests all software against new Windows versions, updates, and service packs before release and stating operating system compatibility.

Recommended PC Baseline Specifcations Typical System < 100 Doors Performance System > 100 Doors / Refections Client and/or Gateway Only
Processor i3, 2.3 GHz or better i7, 2.6 GHz or better dual core, 1.6 GHz or better
RAM 4 GB 8 GB 2 GB
Disc Capacity 1 TB 2 TB 500 GB
Network Adapter 10/100 Ethernet 10/100/1000 Ethernet 10/100 Ethernet
Video Adapter XGA dedicated adapter with >64 MB RAM XGA

Supported Windows Operating Systems (32-bit and 64-bit):

Compatible operating system versions.

Compatible operating system versions.

Check our Feature Matrix for a more detailed table. Request a copy here

Software Feature Matrix (abridged) † Standard Edition Professional Edition
Included Reader Capacity (can purchase capacity up to 16,384) 256 512
Inputs and Outputs (each, can purchase additional I/O capacity) 1024 2048
Clients (included / maximum) 1 / 256 1 / 256
Maximum # of Access Groups unlimited unlimited
Maximum # of Cardholders up to 1,000,000 up to 1,000,000
International Language Capability yes yes
Operator Privilege and Partition Combinations unlimited unlimited
Time Schedules 255 w/12 intervals each 255 w/12 intervals each
Holiday Schedules / Holidays per Schedule 255 / 256 255 / 256
Access Groups / Access Groups per Cardholder unlimited / 32 unlimited / 32
Multiple Access Groups per Cardholder 32 maximum 32 maximum
Elevator Control yes, optional yes, optional
Local APB yes yes
Global APB (requires Global Linkage option) no yes
Host Schedules (provides some scheduling capability) no yes
System Calendar (for sophisticated scheduling) yes, optional yes, optional
Auto Expiration of Credentials by Time/Date or Use Count yes yes
Number of User Defnable Fields (Cardholders) 18 18
Advanced Roll Call/Muster (basic Roll Call is included in Standard and Professional) no yes, optional
Global Linkage Service (HW or SW driven event I/O linking) no yes, optional
Differentiated Event Message Routing (to Operators) no yes
Alarm Annunciation and Prioritization with Acknowledgement yes yes
SMS and Email Messaging yes yes
Sophisticated Event and Confguration Reports yes yes
Customizable Report Layouts and Formats (Report Client) yes, optional yes, optional
T/A Reporting Export Utility no yes, optional
Trace (live) and History (live and look back) yes yes
1-Click Global Lock, Lockdown, and Lockout yes yes
Advanced Situation Manager/Threat Level no yes, optional
Photo Badging yes, optional yes, optional
Integrated Video (Refections Express is included in Standard and Professional) yes, optional yes, optional
Wireless and IP Lock Support yes, optional yes, optional
Interactive Graphic Maps no yes, optional
Visitor Management yes, optional yes, optional
TWIC Integration no yes, optional
Cardholder DB Import Utility yes yes
LDAP/Active Directory Integration no yes, optional
Support for Mercury Hardware no yes

† Partial list of features. Some features listed require Mercury Powered NXT Controllers or optional software modules. Refer to the Complete Feature Matrix for specifcs. Specifcations subject to change without notice.

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