Keri Systems will be joining the 2018 National BOMA conference to educate attendees about integrated access control

The show will take place in San Antionio, June 23-26. Keri will be located at Booth #424.
BOMA, which stands for the Building Owner’s and Manager’s Association, is an organization of real estate conglomerates, building management services and building owners, that is supported by vendors to the industry.
Over the past several years, Keri Systems has frequently been called upon to educate on integrated access control and the technical needs of Multi Tenant Commercial, Residential and Mixed use facilities. As Keri Systems is one of the only fully integrated Access Control/Telephone providers in the world, BOMA attendees have found that Keri services, education and demonstrations bring many of the missing pieces together that professionals and decision-makers struggle with in this industry.
Keri representatives are once again looking forward to serving as a conduit between the Access Control industry, and those who make the purchasing decisions for their facilities, providing both solutions and referrals to known installing partners.

Products on Display

This year Keri will be highlighting two recent software packages designed to expand the capabilities and usability of Doors.NET.  Visual Doors™ is a simplified user interface that is both comfortable and intuitive for use by those that may not be trained on access control.  It utilizes large, square depictions, or icons of the functions within the software; then selections are made through checkboxes and radio buttons.  This makes understanding and managing the software easy for anyone, even property management companies with ever-changing personnel.  Telepathy™ is an advanced mapping and graphics package that permits a property manager to view and manage his system graphically on a blueprint-style image of his or her facility.  Animated icons and zoom properties facilitate the visual interpretation of devices in alarm or in active use.

Keri will also be exhibiting two models of Entraguard Telephone Entry, that can be seamlessly integrated to a Doors.NET Access Control System.  The use of these Telephone Entry products allow property managers to collectively control access and Telephone Entry under a single interface.  Along with Telephone Entry, Keri has actively engaged in a partnership with Allegion and is aligned with them to provide support to their full line of wireless locking products.  Come to the Keri booth and ask us about our growing relationship with Allegion.

Finally, this year, Keri is introducing a new single door entry product that sets the standard for functional simplicity and cost effectiveness.  Keri’s Intelliprox Blue™  is a stand alone, single door access controller that is programmed via Bluetooth™ connection to any compatible mobile or desktop device.  The device is small, attractive and can be mounted in the protected space.  Additionally, control and programming are facilitated through an app, that is free to download from Google Play or iOS App Store.  There are no recurring fees or software license fees associated with Intelliprox Blue and it can be managed by any password protected device running the app and located within Bluetooth range.  Both “in” and “out” readers may be connected to a single door and a wide spectrum of door functions, monitoring and control may be implemented.

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