Keri Systems Headquarters Is Moving

After nearly 20 years at our old address, Keri Systems is relocating throughout the weeks of June 24 and July 2, 2018. We are remaining in our hometown of San Jose, CA, but we’ll be setting up in a new office space down the street. The new office space is better configured for our progressive, Silicon Valley company.

We ask that you please excuse any temporary disruptions in communications. We will have limited Sales and Tech Support available, but our team is working hard to ensure everything is up and running again as quickly as possible.

Our new address is:

302 Enzo Drive
Suite 190
San Jose, CA 95138
Everything else you’re used to, including our phone numbers and other contact information, is the same.

Keri has been embarking on a recent move to a new building that is more properly sized and configured for our business.  Despite the best laid plans, Murphy’s Law has indeed found its way into our process and has caused some communication problems.

As it turns out, Keri’s Network supplier was unable to meet their commitment for a timely installation of our switches and lines.  Consequently, we have been operating slightly in the dark… wait….REALLY IN THE DARK for the last day or two. To add insult to injury, the area that Keri has moved to, does not have the best cell coverage in the world….imagine that, a Silicon Valley location with poor cell coverage!Anyway, Keri is fully functional, albeit somewhat hobbled by this inconvenience.  As one can imagine, we live and die by our communications.

Currently we have back-up services running at a remote location, provided by our IT partners and a host of Keri personnel working from every communications angle imaginable, including remote land-lines and cell phones.  We are doing our best to try and make sure that we don’t inconvenience you, our valuable customers, any more than necessary.We would like to thank you for your patience and offer you a look at some pictures of our move….a move that was planned and scrutinized to the minute detail…..

Thanks again, Murphy!







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