Limited Time: Special Pricing on Neutron and Intelliprox Blue

Sale Extended through August: 40% Off Orders for Neutron and Intelliprox Blue. Call your favorite distributor to order.

New Keri Solutions for Small Systems

Over the past several months, Keri Systems has introduced two long-awaited products that address our customers’ need to manage smaller systems at an economical cost: Neutron and Intelliprox Blue. We’re sharing special pricing for the months of July and August on all orders for Intelliprox Blue and Neutron.

Recently-introduced Neutron was designed with low cost and small physical size in mind, yet retains a powerful feature set that is nearly equal to Keri’s NXT Controllers. Neutron is based on a single door, one-to-one architecture, and the units can handle both “in” and “out” readers. Eight controllers can be connected via conventional RS-485 communications. Installation is simple and requires no networking knowledge. Keri’s Neutron controllers are designed to exclusively run on our simplified graphical interface, Visual Doors.

Intelliprox Blue, now in its second generation, is designed to grant access to a single point of entry, and is designed for quick implementation and ease of use. It is also capable of controlling two readers on a single door, providing both “in” and “out” reads. This is accomplished through the use of Keri’s optional NXT-E series, exit readers in combination with the standard NXT reader in the kit. The units are programmed wirelessly through the use of a Bluetooth connection, so the only requirement is the free app (loaded on a smartphone or other mobile device in either iOS or Android), and proximity to the controller via Bluetooth.


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