NXT-GIOX Documentation

Expands Auxiliary Input and Output capability for NXT controllers

  • Up to 64 Inputs/Outputs (in banks of eight) per NXT Controller Bus GIOX Greater Input/Output Expansion Platform
  • Up to two GIOX units on an NXT-2D and up to four units on an NXT-4D
  • Re-assignable/interchangeable with Controller's door I/O
  • 4-State Supervision on Inputs
  • Tamper and Emergency Inputs
  • Status Indicators for power, communication, and relay position
  • Quick disconnect connectors
  • Popular uses include elevator control for tall buildings and applications with intensive input/output linking requirements for special functions.

Keri's GIOX Greater Input/Output Module is much like the NXT-4X4 I/O Module except it has far greater capacity. It is designed to expand the flexibility of any installation by providing additional access control functionality as well as sophisticated input monitoring and I/O linkage macro capability for NXT hardware-based systems with large numbers of sensors and devices. It is perfectly suited for elevator control for buildings with more than 20 floors when combined with Doors.NET software's Elevator Control option.

GIOX is comprised of a motherboard with connectors onto which Input boards and Output boards can be attached. Each board has eight Inputs or eight Outputs, and up to eight boards can be connected to each motherboard. The motherboard contains the RS-485 bus connection for the NXT controller as well as the power input, tamper monitoring input, and an emergency switch input which removes power from all relays on all relay boards.

*Note - If using the inputs for monitoring or the outputs for manual operation only, NXT controllers with standard Keri firmware may be used. If elevator control or I/O linking is required, use Mercury Powered NXT hardware.


NXT-GIOX Documentation

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