AD-300 hardwired and AD-400 wireless devices

Schlage AD Series locks seamlessly integrate with Doors.NET to provide a cost-effective and scalable solution to meet your security needs. Schlage AD Series locks and devices can be utilized to extend the reach of your Doors.NET Software access control system. Schlage AD series wireless locks and devices provide many of the benefits of a hardwired system, including real-time monitoring, audit trails, centralized lockdown and instant access control management without the wires. .

AD Series locks

The Doors.NET Software and TCP/IP-Based NXT Hardware solution provide sophisticated access control and video integration with all the features required to manage a few doors or hundreds of doors, in a modern IT-friendly architecture and user-friendly inerface.

AD Series locks combine the components typically gound around the door, such as the door position switch and the request to exit switch, into one unit which simplifies installation and saves money ANd since they are desidned to be modular, Schlage AD Series can be easily upgraded in the future to meet your changing security and technology requirements.

IR/Schlage AD Series Wireless Locks

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