Breaking NewsSan Jose, CA – October 27, 2016 –  Providing much-desired mobility, though remote supervision and control of access control systems, Keri Systems Inc. recently launched a new Remote Monitoring and Control Interface.

Through a modern mobile control interface to Doors.NET's system activities, Keri's new Doors.WEBTM provides users the tools they need for reliable remote monitoring and a resource to protect businesses, employees and assets 24 hours a day.

Doors.WEB users have the freedom, from any device with an internet connection, to securely log into the mobile client and control all system activities. Use is secured through separately licensed, Client/Server software. Multiple licenses allow more than one client to log in at the same time, and there is no application to download or install.

Once logged in, some of the capabilities users will enjoy include the ability to view live events as they appear; immediately remove or disable problem card holders from the system; lock, unlock, or Timed-Unlock doors; change door schedules; and initiate Global Lock or Global Unlock with the option to display a message on all other connected Clients. Users can also customize the amount of information shown for Cardholders.

“Doors.WEB is Keri's next big step in facility abuse prevention," said Vince Deiuliis, Director of Sales and Marketing. "By providing our users the tools they need to supervise and control their properties remotely. we're giving the the opportunity to immediately remediate threats, solve problems and protect their businesses  - from anywhere.”

Read more about Doors.WEB.

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