Keri Systems Inc. Releases The Universal Desktop Enrollment Reader

Breaking NewsKeri Systems Inc, a top provider of access control and security solutions, announces the release of the Universal Desktop Enrollment Reader; delivering effortless proximity card enrollment and accommodating multiple technologies in one desktop reader.  

San Jose, CA – September 15, 2016 – The new Universal Desktop Enrollment Reader (RDR-ENR1) by Keri Systems Inc. now combines error-free credential enrollment with ease of use.  

The Reader plugs directly into a USB port, effortlessly integrates with Doors.NET software, and it can read a variety of popular third party 125 kHz proximity cards and 13.56 MHz smart cards.  

The RDR-ENR1 is especially helpful when card numbers or data formats are unknown, which is common in technologies such as MIFARE, EM and others.  

Operators will find setup very user-friendly. Using the provided software utility, the operator chooses a card type and format, or they may allow the software to analyze the card type and data format. They load the information into the device only once, and unless a customer wants to enroll cards of a different type or format, the software utility is not needed again.  

“Keri Systems is very excited to bring a new level of ease and usability to customers who need a desktop reader," said Vince Deiuliis, Director of Sales and Marketing. "Moreover, the ENR1 will be a substantial time-saver as it relates to credential data entry and error avoidance, for the life of the system.”

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