Providing much-desired mobility, through remote supervision and control of Doors.NETTM access control systems, Keri Systems Inc. recently launched a new Remote Monitoring and Control Interface. Doors.WEBTM effectively equips users with the tools they need for reliable remote monitoring and a resource to protect businesses, employees and assets 24 hours a day.

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Providing remote supervision and control of Doors.NET Systems

Doors.WEBDoors.WEBTM mobile users now have the freedom, from any device with an internet connection, to securely log into the mobile client and control nearly all system activities on a Doors.NET installation. Operators may view live events as they appear; remove or disable problem card holders from the system; lock, unlock or Timed-Unlock doors; change door schedules; initiate Global Lock or Global Unlock with the option to display a message on all other connected clients - and more!

Doors.WEB is treated as a separate, secure client on the system with its own proprietary login. Unique Licensing for Doors.WEB provides very tight control over the ability to remotely connect via the mobile client.

Administrators of Doors.NET systems of all sizes, from the smallest installations, to the largest deployments, may now realize a new level of flexibility by releasing the tethers of a desktop computer. Doors.WEB truly provides round-the-clock, round-the-world control.

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  • View events live, as they occur
  • No app to download, no Google Play download necessary
  • Separate licensing for Doors.WEB controls the ability to connect via the mobile client
  • Add, edit and remove cardholders and/or credentials
  • Lock, Unlock, and Timed-Unlock any door and restore original door schedules
  • Much More!

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