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What is Cloud Based Access Control?

Borealis is Keri Systems scaleable cloud solution for access control management, offering seamless control of your buildings from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day, on any device.

Our cloud solution enhances the Security management experience by simplifying previously complicated tasks, delivering global accessibility, scalability and convenience.

Log into your cloud managed access control system from a desktop, tablet, android or apple (iOS) mobile phone to unlock the power of Keri from anywhere, with features such as removing cardholders, updating time or access schedules, monitoring real-time events and unlocking doors at the touch of a button. 


Borealis is designed to bring everything you expect from a standard access control system into the cloud and removes the need for a locally hosted database or dedicated PC. 

Borealis uses AWS (amazon web services) to securely store your database, and by using the bespoke web interface, can add cardholders, access groups, time schedules and more.

Borealis aims to bring access control to a wider audience while keeping an easy to use interface and simple setup in mind. 

Hassle Free Cloud Based Security!

Borealis removes the need for a dedicated computer or client machine to control and manage your access control system, With Keri systems Borealis cloud solution you have the ability to log in from anywhere with a browser, And if you are adding new hardware you just need to connect your hardware to your existing networks

Features of a cloud based security system - Borealis

Cloud access control offers a variety of benefits that are advantageous over traditional access control. Borealis has been developed with the user in mind and offers the following:

1. Real time events - Monitor your building security wherever you are, see who's coming and going. 
2. Reports -  Run incident reports to see the history of access throughout your building.
3. Remote card management -  Cloud key management allows you to add or remove users remotely. 
4. Remote unlock - Unlock and lock your doors from your mobile phone.
5. Schedules - Set a time for your doors to automatically restrict access to users. 
6. Rule based access control - Assign a user access rights to gain access through specific doors.
7. Multiple user logins - Assign multiple users a login and permissions to administer your building security
8. Device friendly - Access Borealis from any device with a web browser on both IOS and Android.





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Our cloud solution offers easy plug and play installation, simple and intuitive user UI maintaining the unrivalled power and flexibility of Keri Systems access control security solutions. Keri SaaS-based, Cloud Architecture increases ROI for installers and opens-up near unlimited possibilities for users of the system.


• SaaS Subscription Based
• Keri Hub Communicates With The Cloud
• Flexible Data Storage Options
• Mobile-friendly User Interface
• Automatic System Updates
• No Software Maintenance Required
• Easy Setup Wizard to Get You Started
• New Visual Hardware Navigation Tool
• Designed to work with Keri’s NXT family of controller
• Rapid introduction of new hardware & features

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