Cloud Solutions For Access Control


On-demand control of your facilities from anywhere

Simplify access control connectivity, delivering global accessibility, scalability, and convenience without the need for a dedicated server or client machine, Connect your security installation to the cloud.

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Our cloud solution enhances the security management experience by simplifying previously complicated tasks, delivering global accessibility, scalability and convenience.

Manage and Monitor Multiple Sites from Anywhere Using a Single Dashboard

Use your PC, tablet, or mobile device to manage multiple sites and view reports and live events from anywhere with Internet access.

Simplified Hardware Setup No PC or Software Maintenance Required

SaaS-based cloud architecture simplifies previously complicated tasks, eliminating manual software or OS updates, minimizing hardware interaction, and efficiency

Uses Fast and Ultra-Secure AWS Cloud Servers

Our Aetheros platform uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) for fast and secure performance delivering global accessibility, scalability, and convenience; and backing up your data to prevent loss.

Compatible with Keri NXT Family Hardware

Compatible with Keri’s NXT and NXT-MSC family controllers, with access to more controller types already in development.

Real time events

Monitor your building security wherever you are, see who’s coming and going.


Run incident reports to see the history of access throughout your building.

Remote card management

Cloud key management allows you to add or remove users remotely.

Remote unlock

Unlock and lock your doors from your mobile phone.


Set a time for your doors to automatically restrict access to users.

Rule based access control

Assign a user access rights to gain access through specific doors.

Multiple user logins

Assign multiple users a login and permissions to administer your building security.

Device friendly

Access Borealis from any device with a web browser on both IOS and Android.
Reinforce your peace of mind

Monitor and Manage from Anywhere

Borealis is designed with multi-device compatibility, ensuring that you can manage and monitor your facility access control from anywhere.

Access from an internet-enabled browser to never lose sight of your security by viewing live events within your building in real-time.


Upgrade path available for existing installations

Make server failure a thing of the past, automate database backups, and no more managing software installations! Contact a local rep to discuss your eligibility. Rebate plans are available for existing PXL Customers

Global Connectivity

Multiple Sites, Single Dashboard

Multi-site control

  • Multiple locations from a single login.
  • Manage individual accounts per site.
  • Full control over operator privileges.
  • Designed to be device friendly.
BorealisControl 1
BorealisReports 1

Real Time Events & Reports

Monitor your building security from anywhere.

  • Find exactly what you need with quick reports.
  • Adjust the report criteria and output.
  • View live events as they happen in real-time.
  • Display reports on screen or export lists to pdf.
Keri Extensive Warranties

Reliability Assured

We stand by our engineering and craftsmanship and are so confident of reliability that we back our products with extensive industry-leading warranties.

Remote Card Management

High performance & secure

We understand how important your data is

  • Borealis uses Amazon’s ultra-secure cloud servers.
  • Remove computer hardware restrictions and software issues with no compromise on performance.
  • Automated cloud updates, no need for software maintenance.
  • True cloud solution: The Keri hub synchronizes communication between your facility and the cloud.
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Remote Unlock

Move away from software & servers

Cut expensive PC repair costs and high server fees



  • Borealis only requires a Hub & Internet connection.
  • Browser-based management suite. There is no software to install on your computer.
  • Accessible on any internet-enabled device.
BorealisCloud 1

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Technical Support

Save Time & Money on Call Outs

Remote support from your installer


  • Save time on call-outs with remote accessibility.
  • Assist your clients from your office.
  • Save money on training costs with an easy user experience.
  • Plug & play hardware with visual hardware navigation tools.

Borealis Cloud Access Control Resources

Cloud Access Control: Top 8 reasons to invest

Cloud Access Control: Top 8 reasons to invest

Why should i move my access control solution to the cloud?

Why should i move my access control solution to the cloud?

Features of a cloud based security system – Borealis

Features of a cloud based security system – Borealis

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do i become a Keri Systems installer?

Easy...just contact the Keri sales person for your region.  To identify your sales person, please click on this link.  A couple of quick questions will indicate the types of product that best suits your needs and you're probably done.  An introductory packet will be sent out soon after.

What training is required to become an installer?

Keri Systems' products are designed to be easy to install but to help you along, Keri has a self-paced training portal.  In most cases, the basic program can be completed in less than 90 minutes.  If you wish to install Keri enterprise-class access control solutions, usually 1 to 2 days of training are needed and can be scheduled through your Keri Sales Contact.

Can anybody buy Keri products?

No.  Access Control products are considered "Life-Safety" systems and as such, must be installed by licensed and experienced technicians.  Incorrect installation can cause loss of life or property so Keri only sells to those companies with the appropriate licensing and experience.

How long does it take to become a Keri Installer?

In most cases, less than an hour.  Keri Sales personnel can quickly get you set up with everything that you need for pricing, sales, and marketing collateral, and anything else you may need.