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The Doors32 Software package is now only available upon special request - Doors32 is only compatible up to Windows 7, and must be run in Windows XP Emulation Mode, As a result of this Keri will no longer provide any testing or support for systems running Doors32.

For continued support of you existing Doors32 Installation please upgrade to Doors.NET - Contact Us

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Doors32 Upgrade FAQ's



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Doors for use with Windows is a very user-friendly software package, perfect for managing access control applications from 1 to 256 doors, with remote site capability. It has both spreadsheet and dialog box operation to make it easy to use for system operators with any types of computer background, auto-configuration of the system hardware, walk-through "Wizards" that provide step-by-step instruction, and online help. Doors will continue to grow in functionality with new and enhanced features. Designed to be used by real people, not rocket scientists.

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    • Has full drag-and-drop functionality
    • Supports window resizing and relocation
    • Supports simultaneous multiple open windows
    • Has step-by-step walkthrough "Wizards"
    • Has an extensive help file
    • Has a custom communications protocol to minimize GPFs and crashes
    • Has both spreadsheet and dialog box modes for cardholder data entry
    • Supports either direct connect or dial-out with remote multiple site capability
    • Does not require a dedicated PC - it runs in the background with other applications

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Most Recent Doors Enhancements:

      • Entraguard Platinum and Titanium Support - as an integral part of Doors software, along with existing Entraguard Gold support.
      • Backup Utility - A button on the Doors toolbar allows you to easily backup your database and serves as a reminder to execute the backup. This is very important should you experience problems with your PC or hard drive.
      • Increased Flexibility for Door Operations - When performing a manual door lock or unlock function, operators can now choose whether scheduled automatic unlock tasks should be allowed or suspended.
      • Global Lock - Designates an input that allows a mechanical switch or button to lock all doors in the system.
      • Continuous Request to Exit - Unlocks a door and shunts its door sense switch for as long as the RTE input device is active.
      • Temporary Cards - The ability to pre-assign future activation and expiration date and time to cardholders, down to the minute.
      • Alarm Integration - When used with PXL-510, access and alarm systems can be integrated to provide arming and disarming using the access systems readers, and monitoring and collection of all alarm system activity in Doors.

NOTE: MS-DOS, Windows 3.1, and Windows NT v3.xx are NOT compatible with Doors.

Available Software Translations:

Translation Doors VisionsTM Video 1
Quebec French

1) Remaining Video translations are pending completion.

*Keri Systems tests all software against new Windows versions, updates, and service packs before release and stating operating system compatibility.

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