PXL Doors.NET Upgrade FAQs

*Please note: Support for Doors32 is Ending January 2020

What is this about?

Keri's Doors.NET software, originally designed for our NXT hardware platform, now also supports
PXL-500 and Entraguard (requires version or higher), providing customers currently using Doors32 more functionality and extending the life of their hardware investment far into the future.

Is the upgrade process time consuming or difficult?

No, Keri has developed a number of tools to insure that the process is smooth. All you have to
do is have your Keri provider send us your database or allow a Keri technician to remotely log on
and retrieve the database from Doors32. Keri will even remotely perform the installation of the
database if requested.

What are the advantages to upgrading?

Besides having a host of new features such as integrated video, alarm prioritization, email and
SMS message alerts, and the ability to instantly lock down a facility in case of emergency, perhaps
the biggest advantage is the architecture of Doors.NET. It was designed for network
environments and allows for multiple concurrent operators to be connected to perform such
functions as realtime event monitoring, manual control of doors and output points, and updating
the system with new cardholders or other parameter changes. The older Doors32 program core
was developed prior to high-speed networking and its database is not conducive to sharing
between workstations. Doors.NET was also developed under the Microsoft's .NET platform and
as such, is easily transportable to future operating systems and is already Windows 8 compatible.
Doors32 will not be tested for Windows 8 compliance or any other subsequent operating systems.

Am I required to update any chips in the controller?

Possibly, but in many cases no.

  • For the PXL-500, Doors.NET/firmware compatibility has been tested as far back as revision 8.4.49, which was released in March of 2007.
  • For the Entraguard Titanium and Silver, Doors.NET/firmware compatibility has been tested as far back as revision 7.6.09, which was released in September of 2011.
  • For the Entraguard Platinum, Doors.NET/firmware compatibility has been tested as far back as revision 9.1.09, which was released in September of 2011.

Keep in mind that the newer software and firmware have had many features added and bug fixes implemented so it might be wise to update to the latest version of the chips if the controllers are easily accessible.

What is the oldest PXL/Entraguard Controller that can interface to Doors.NET?

Any controller is supported by Doors.NET, providing it has been updated to the minimum firmware revision.

PXL-500 - v8.4.49
Entraguard Titanium/Silver - v7.6.09
Entraguard Platinum - v9.1.09

To check to see what level of firmware is contained in the controllers, log in to Doors32 and in the Setup System Page, use the Controller Status Page and hit the Stat All button.

If I am upgrading from Doors32 to Doors.NET, can I use the same PC I've been using with Doors32?

You may be able to, but please check your existing PC against the required PC specs for Doors.NET. If you have had your Doors32 installation running on the same PC for several years, you may need to upgrade it as well. As Doors.NET is a more advanced and full featured product, its computing needs are greater, and so a new PC may be required.

Are there any products or features that are supported by Doors32 and not by Doors.NET?

Yes, there are currently several items that would stop a system from being upgraded.

1) Elevator control units (model numbers starting with LC) are not supported at this time.

2) All functions that pertain to 2nd door functions are supported, however SB-593 general purpose I/O linking is not yet supported.

3) PXL-250s are not supported by Doors.NET. They can be replaced with a PXL-500, and we offer a discount for doing so.

4) Pending Final Test - PXL-510s will still interface to arm and disarm older generation Caddx NetworX alarm panels. However, Caddx changed their interface years ago, so unless a system is already installed and working, it is unlikely the PXL-510 will interface correctly. Doors.NET will not show or log messages sent from the Caddx panel. Call Keri for an update prior to converting an installation using a PXL-510.

Do I have to manually re-enter my data or can I convert my Doors32 database?

You have two options. For small systems, many customers choose to re-enter their data from scratch, which can often be done very quickly. For larger systems, Keri will convert a Doors32 database to a Doors.NET database. There is a small fee for this conversion.

If I want to have my Doors 32 database converted, what steps should I take prior to the conversion?

1) Insure that your current Doors32 database is backed up.

2) Update your Doors32 installation to the latest version. The conversion process to Doors.NET will only work on the last released version of Doors32.

3) There is no need to update the firmware in the controllers provided it meets the minimum release level of 8.4.49 or Entraguard Titanium/Silver firmware version 7.6.09 and Entraguard Platinum firmware version 9.1.09. If it is easy to access the panels, we do advise updating them to gain the benefits of the latest features and bug fixes, but this is not a required step.

If I convert my database, what comes over as part of the conversion?

Your entire database is converted with the exception of historical events for reporting. However, Doors32 and Doors.NET can reside on the same PC, so Keri advises leaving Doors32 on a machine with a supported operating system to report on older events.

What if I am using photo badging with my Doors32 system?

You will be able to use the photos you have, but will have to purchase a new Photo Badging License. Keri is offering these licenses at a discount for customers who upgrade from Doors32 to Doors.NET.

Can more than one Doors32 database be merged into a single Doors.NET database?

Keri can only merge the cardholder/user records from multiple Doors32 databases into a single database. All other items such hardware, time zones and access groups must to be re-entered.

Can I merge multiple Doors.NET databases or multiple Doors32 and Doors.Net databases into a single database?

No, the conversion process must start with a blank Doors.NET database in which to convert Doors32 database information. There is no way to merge multiple Doors.NET databases because of the problems with conflicting time zones, and access groups.

Is There a Fee to Upgrade to Doors.NET?

Yes, there is an upgrade fee to allow pre-May 2012 PXL-500s and pre November 2014 Entraguards to communicate with Doors.NET. Keri never charged a maintenance fee for software, and the development for the merging of the PXL-500s and Entraguards into Doors.NET took several years to implement, hence the one-time upgrade fee. However, once a Doors.NET upgrade is complete, for most versions of the software, there are no additional purchases or maintenance charges required. Only enabling more sophisticated optional software modules would incur additional charges, as it would for a new installation of either PXL/Entraguard or NXT hardware Doors32 database information. There is no way to merge multiple Doors.NET databases. There is no charge for the enhanced lockdown features in Doors.NET when used with a PXL-500.

Does any PXL-500 or Entraguard that will be used on a Doors.NET installation require the Upgrade Fee?

No, Keri started shipping PXL-500s in May 2012 and Entraguards in November 2014 that were already compatible with Doors.NET and do not required an upgrade fee. There is no way to identify these controllers through the Doors32 software. Examining the part number label on the PXL-500 and Entraguard can identify them.

For the PXL-500:

If these three numbers are 054, the PXL-500 is capable of communicating with Doors.NET without incurring an upgrade fee.

For the Entraguard:

Entraguard Platinum
Entraguard Titanium/Silver

If the firmware revision on a Titanium/Silver unit is v7.8.02 or greater, the units are license upgrade free.
If the firmware revision on a Platinum unit is v9.2.02 or greater, the units are license upgrade free.

Note that switching the labels will not change a PXL-500 or Entraguard from a charged upgrade to a free upgrade. There are firmware-coded differences in the controller that the License Manager in Doors.NET will access to determine its age and revision.

Once I pay my conversion fee, are there additional charges?

In most cases, there are no additional charges. Annual software maintenance fees are only charged on higher level software options that were purchased, as with all of our products.

Are there any ways to decrease the cost of an upgrade?

Yes, Keri offers a number of programs to help reduce the cost of an upgrade.

1)PXL-500 Firmware chip sets are often not required, but if they are, Keri offers a discount for these chip sets when used in conjunction with an upgrade. Contact your Keri provider for details. Entraguard chip sets cannot be upgraded.

2) In many cases, a database conversion is not required. It is often less expensive and faster to simply re-enter the data at time of upgrade for smaller systems.

3) Keri offers a discount for a new PXL-500 if it is intended to replace a PXL-250 when used in an upgrade. The credit will be issued after the PXL-250 is returned. Also, because the PXL-500 is new, it does not incur the license fee.

Doors.NET first worked with the NXT Hardware, and PXL-500 Support was added later. Is the PXL-500 platform going away?

No, the PXL family is an integral part of Keri's short and long term plans. We have just started early development of the next generation PXL controller, which will be fully network compatible with the PXL-500. The PXL family continues to be a very popular product and is here to stay.

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