Access Control for Industry

Access Control for  Manufacturing


Streamline the management of facilities, employees, and guests.

Manage multiple sites from a central location, protect property, information, and dangerous equipment by providing access only to individuals that need it.

Organizations Choose Keri When Security Matters Most

Manage and Monitor Your Entire Operation

Manage and monitor events in real time, generate reports, and schedule custom routines. Seamlessly integrate with CCTV video surveillance and visitor management tools to protect your employees, equipment, and intellectual property.

Tell Us Your Security Project’s Specifications

We begin the process with a 15-30 minute phone call to determine if we have a solution that can meet the needs of your job.

Together, we design an affordable solution

Our expert support team will help you design a security solution that meets your client’s needs and your financial requirements.

We partner with you to win new business

We know that once a plan is designed, there is still a competitive bidding process. We help you convince stakeholders and win new business.

Expert Customer Support Available 24/7

Once you’ve closed the sale and are on-site installing our equipment, or expert support team is available in the rare event that you need assistance.

Ensure Smooth Operation


Roll-call for Emergency Situations

Occupancy reporting so you can see who is still within the building

door open

Integrate with PSIM Systems

Physical security information management integration

circle radiation

Secure Hazardous Environments

Create specific access and entry rules to highly restricted areas

user slash

Prevent Unauthorized Access

Create restricted access groups for teams or hierarchical employees

magnifying glass location

Locate Employee in Facility

Use reporting to identify an employees last known location

Case Studies

Mystic Aquarium

Mystic Aquarium

Mystic Aquarium Located on the scenic shoreline of Long Island Sound in Mystic, Connecticut Founded in ...

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