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A Single Access System: Multiple Languages Needed In US and Canada, there are various regions that require Security Software to concurrently run in multiple


Through out the US, Canada and Latin America, there are a number of regions where a significant portion of the population does not speak English or even if they do, are more comfortable speaking in a different language. For example, an installation might require an English speaking administrator who makes
changes to the employee portion of the database while a Security Director, who applies the rules to the system, would prefer French or Spanish.


Doors.NET from Keri keeps all translation settings within the Client software so individuals who are more comfortable with one language, can operate the system without changing the language settings of other users. The most common uses for this are for Spanish and English in the US Southwest and Puerto Rico
and French and English in Quebec Canada. The Client Software will remember the user’s preferences so next time a logon is initiated, the system is automatically set to the preferred language. The choice of language is initiated on the fly so no additional system administration is needed. The system also returns to the last layout the operator had used. This is a core component of the basic system architecture so there are no additional charges for the feature. The most common Language translations are provided by Keri and are pre-loaded in Doors.NET. For the Americas, the four primary languages English, Spanish, French and Portuguese are ready at the touch of a button.


Keri’s Doors.NET software provides the flexibility required to meet virtually any language requirement in North or South America. Users can operate the system in the language they’re most comfortable with which minimizes potential mistakes because of a simple misunderstanding caused by a language issue. Required Equipment

1) Keri – Doors.NET Access Control Software

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