Usability Issues Associated with Deployment of Multiple Video Platforms and Access Control Integration


Guards and System Administrators don’t have a single application that allows for management of the access control and video systems, especially if multiple vendor video platforms are deployed.


Although many access control providers claim to integrate with video products, at best the solution is composed of displaying a live camera feed or pulling video clips to match associated access control system events. To accomplish any other function, the operator still needs to switch back and forth between the video and access applications. In most instances, live recording is viewed via the video application, so the operator must jump to the access control application to unlock a door, override an input point, run reports, etc. The problem is magnified for customers who have deployed multiple video platforms, where in addition to switching back and forth between vendors’ software as well as the access control application, the operator must learn to use two or more video software packages.


Keri’s approach differs in that we have created a separate Client that tightly integrates multiple video sources/vendors together with Keri’s access control platform into one real time application called ReflectionsTM EVR Event Video Recorder (patents pending). Reflections acts as an overlay to both Keri’s access and one or more supported video applications or direct sources, integrating data in real time, receiving simultaneous messaging from the access and video platforms, and most importantly for the user, providing a single user interface for both. The system is so flexible; it can even take inputs directly from IP cameras (if associated with an input or reader) on the access control system without the need for an NVR or DVR.

Features contained within Reflections:

Record and view live video from multiple video sources with a single uniform user interface even when using solutions from different video vendors minimizing hardware costs and space usage due to multiple vendor solutions.
Drag and drop access control hardware from within the Reflections Video Software Client (shown as a screen capture on next page) eliminates the need to switch between applications. View door or input status and control doors or outputs from within the individual camera frames in live view mode (shown as part of the screen capture on next page) eliminating the need to switch between applications. Direct IP camera support (view, record and control) when mapped to a door or I/O point without the need for an NVR or DVR eliminating video server costs. Email a snapshot burst notification of designated video events or send an SMS for real time messaging of video and access control events. Up to 4 monitors live viewing support with a single monitor capable of viewing composites of 2X2, 3X3, 4X4 or 5×5 frames.

Reflections EVR

Video Source #1 (DVR/NVR or IP Camera)

Video Source #2
Keri Access Application

Video Source #3

Cardholder photos pop up on the fly within the video screen on card presentation allowing for real time verification of a valid card user. Observation Video allows the user to manually trigger video recording or snapshot bursts on command for later usage.

Direct Access Control Hardware Status and Control from Reflections Video

Currently Supported Platforms In Process Integrations
Aimetis Arecont Vision
Milestone Vivotek
Panasonic Toshiba (IP Cameras)
Axis IP Cameras Hykvision
ONssi (NetDVMS)
Pelco 8100 series (on 32 OS only)


Keri’s Reflections EVR is the one application available through distribution that offers viewing (live and recorded video), management, and command and control of both Access Control and Video solutions from a single user interface. This produces a savings on hardware and software for the installer and the end user while providing unmatched ease of use by combining the most important aspects of Access Control and Video into a single cohesive package.

Door status shown live in video steam Direct door control from within the video stream

Needed Equipment

1) Keri – Doors.NET Access Control Software

2) Keri – Reflections Express, Reflections or Reflections Plus Video Integration Software

3) Keri Supported Video Partner – IP Camera, NVR or DVR


Currently Supported Platforms In Process Integrations

Aimetis Arecont Vision
Milestone Hykvision
Panasonic Toshiba (IP Cameras)
Axis IP Cameras
ONssi (NetDVMS)
Pelco 8100 series (on 32 OS only)
Vivotek (IP Cameras)

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