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Cloud-Hosted Solutions

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Client-Server Solutions

More than just security

Enhance your organization’s value with a multitude of features

Automatic Door Locking

Create schedules for doors to lock and unlock automatically.

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Records & Reporting

Run customizable reports and audits on door use and other events.

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Create Access Criteria

Create custom levels of access for different departments. Restrict areas for certain groups.

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Integrate Security

Integrate with third-party providers to create a water-tight solution.

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Automate Responses

Create automatic responses to specific events, such as door unlocking during a fire.

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See Real-Time Events

Watch activity and monitor movement at your facility in real-time.

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25,000+ Installs

Thousands of successful installs and lessons learned. 

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15+ Million Cardholders

Over 15 million people use Keri Systems credentials.


37 Countries

Keri Systems has installations and experts around the world.

Unified Solutions Provider

Fully Integrated Security Solutions

We bring together everything that’s required to secure business assets. Manage and monitor access to your building from anywhere in the world at any time. Our products power access control ecosystems for commercial enterprises, residential housing, and government agencies.

We also help companies keep out intruders, avoid costly re-keying, prevent illegal subletting, monitor access, and much more. Protecting your employees, residents, and business assets doesn’t have to come at great expense.

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AWS Cloud Access Control

Borealis Cloud Solution

Easy installation, no maintenance, and no on-site PC required. Manage and sync your access control installation with the cloud using Borealis. Powered by Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure.


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Client-Server Management


Doors.NET is installed to an on-site server, VM or personal computer. Use Doors.NET to manage credentials, automate tasks, and integrate your hardware with third-party products like CCTV to create your own access control solution.


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Keri Systems is one of the largest independent access control OEMs in the world. We’ve been securing and protecting critical assets for over 30 years. 

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